Intellectual Property: Not a Banana

Matthias Goetz

Friday, 27 November 2015

5.15pm   |   Cripps Meeting Room 3 | Cripps Court | Magdalene College

IP_image2“Intellectual Property has the shelf life of a banana” ~ Bill Gates


Whether you’re inventing stuff, using other people’s inventions or even considering a career in intellectual property (IP): Join us for an interactive seminar tailored for scientists and engineers and we’ll show you how to keep inventions from spoiling.


Stationary on a blank sheet of paper indicates work

The seminar will provide you with a general overview on patents, copyright and trademarks and why and when they matter. It will equip you to spot where IP might be involved and how to get started when you encounter it. You’re also welcome to bring along any questions on a career in this area.



Our speaker, Matthias Goetz (Magdalene, 2014), is an associate with the Intellectual Property Department at White & Case LLP in London. He has previously worked for international law firms in both Germany and India, providing ample experience with IP in different legal systems. Matthias also brings experience in training scientists in IP from his time in Munich. He has further spent five years as a research associate with the Institute for Business & Intellectual Property Law, University of Freiburg. Outside of legal work Matthias has done a brief stint as a freelance journalist and he supports the Shankaraa Foundation for traditional Indian art and forms.


The event is free of charge with drinks and nibbles provided. It open to Undergraduate, Graduate and Fellow scientists and non-scientists alike as well as other interested guests.

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